The splendid Blenio Valley is only a stone’s throw from the Gotthard Mountain and Pass – also known as “Via delle Genti” (People’s way) – but has remained an island of tranquility and privacy, and is much appreciated by those tourists looking for a place to spend their free time, be it a weekend or even their holidays, away from the noise and crowds that now characterize other much more famous mountain regions.

In the Blenio Valley there are neither highways nor railroads. There are only two accesses to the valley, one in the South, in Biasca, and one in the North, through the Lukmanier Pass. This peculiarity was once considered as inconvenient, but in recent years it has become a plus for tourists, adding value to the valley’s pristine nature and landscapes.

As you can read on the website of the Bellinzona and Upper Tessin Regional Tourist Organization, our local body for tourism, “Blenio, the Valley of the Sun, extends from Biasca (301 meters above sea level) to the Lukmanier Pass (1916 meters above sea level). The valley is a large park of naturalistic interest with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Among woods and high pastures, a network of 500 km of well-marked paths, guides hikers in their discovery of majestic peaks such as Adula (3402 meters above sea level), the highest peak in Tessin, or of ancient pedestrian passes such as the Greina Pass, the Lukmanier Pass, the Nara Pass. There are also easy itineraries on the valley floor that can be traveled almost all year round. For accommodation and hospitality, the choice varies from small and cozy hotels and restaurants to typical cottages and holiday homes”.

As BlenioBike, our goal is to ensure that all the tourists who love mountain biking, from children to adults, from families to the most skilled sportsmen, will be able to discover, through the many tours found on this website, our beautiful Blenio Valley, with its wonderful landscapes, its historic buildings, old churches, typical grottos and huts, while enjoying nature and the typical cuisine of the valley.