The trails and dirt roads on which we circulate on our wheels, are not our personal race track. There are other people moving around without a bicycle, who also have the same right we have to enjoy a nice hike through the mountains, in peace and safety. Everyone, regardless of the means of transport they might use, also has the duty to respect the environment they go through, as well as the people they meet. So, dear bikers, especially downhill, pay attention and be aware of the presence of hikers. Be respectful and kind with them, yield the way and thank them. There is no need for anything out of this world: some common sense and using those simple basic rules of civil coexistence would be enough, whether you have a bike under your butt or not.

Finally, not only we need to respect others, but also the environment and first and foremost the paths we travel on. We often see behaviors such as cutting hairpins on the trails: the result is that the rainwater gets channeled in the new track and erodes everything around it, damaging the original path.

BlenioBike wishes you on your every excursion to be a kind biker and only meet other kind bikers, who yield the way to hikers and do no harm to trails and nature.