Olivone-Campo Blenio-Luzzone-Val Carassino-Soi-Dangio-Olivone
Olivone-Campo Blenio-Luzzone-Val Carassino-Soi-Dangio-Olivone

tour description

This trail, departing and arriving in Olivone, takes place in the upper Blenio Valley, among extraordinary surroundings. You climb towards Campo Blenio along the old Sosto road, which thanks to its historical and geomorphological characteristics, has become part of the Inventory of historical communication routes in Switzerland. Once in Campo Blenio, you continue on the paved road towards Ghirone, and then climb an easy winding road up to the Luzzone dam. The climb towards the small Compietto dam, albeit short and on the paved road, is very steep and challenging. As soon as you cross the tunnel, the route continues on a dirt road along the Carassino Valley. Once you reach the Bresciana Alp, the dirt road becomes especially demanding, not excluding short stretches of pushing, up to the “Cappella di Termine”, located a few steps from the Adula CAS hut. The view is gorgeous. In the Summer there is a guardian in the hut. From the Piotta pass, you now descend along the path towards Soi (700 m in altitude). You cannot cycle on more than half of this stretch, which requires caution in the initial part. Although the second stretch is challenging, you can cycle and have fun on it. Once in Soi, go along the homonymous valley on a dirt road and reach Dangio with a short single trail. You return to Olivone on secondary roads, partly paved or unpaved, via Aquila and Ponto Aquilesco.
Tessin (Blenio Valley)
Departure and arrival
Olivone (891 m)
Difference in height:
30.2 km
1770 m
3.5-5 h
Road type
Dirt/gravel road:
Single trail:
Max. altitude:
10.8 km (36%)
12.2 km (40%)
7.2 km (24%)
2030 m
Giugno - Ottobre

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