Bassa di Nara

Acquarossa-Cancori-Bassa di Nara-Chiggiogna-Biasca-Acquarossa
Acquarossa-Cancori-Bassa di Nara-Chiggiogna-Biasca-Acquarossa

tour description

The mountain range that separates the Blenio Valley from the Leventina Valley, offers bikers various crossing possibilities, one of which is the "Bassa di Nara", a wide pass that connects two beautiful slopes that are still little known by mountain bike enthusiasts. With this path, and others that will follow shortly, BlenioBike wants to promote a network of attractive itineraries that wind along ancient roads, which still today unite two of the most beautiful regions of upper Tessin. The starting and finishing point of the route is the town of Acquarossa. Go up to Leontica from Pianadera along the paved road and continue on to Cancorì, the center of the Nara resort. Continue on the dirt road to Pro Marsgial where you take the road that leads to Cambra. 1500 m of difference in altitude from Acquarossa, without a moment’s respite: a very respectable performance. Those wishing to shorten the route, in the summer season can take advantage of the Leontica-Cancorì and Cancorì-Cambra chairlifts, both equipped for transporting bicycles. From Cambra continue on the path to Bassa di Nara. This uphill stretch of about thirty minutes is only partially cycleable. At the pass you can enjoy a wonderful view. To the North you can see the Saint Gotthard, to the East the peaks of the Adula massif and to the West those of the Campo Tencia, while further South the Torrente Alto flows above Biasca. The descent to Chiggiogna is all on single trails: down to the Nara Alp there are only few cycleable stretches that are also extremely challenging, then the path becomes less difficult, cycleable and more and more fun. After crossing the “monte Cassin” (an alp), you quickly reach the beautiful village of Rossura, and you continue on a technical and demanding stretch down to Chiggiogna. You can go back to the Blenio Valley by following the cycling path south to Biasca, and then turn north-east towards Acquarossa, along the right side of the valley, crossing the villages of Semione and Ludiano.
Tessin (Blenio Valley)
Departure and arrival
Acquarossa (528 m)
Difference in height:
57.1 km
2143 m
6 h
Road type
Dirt/gravel road:
Single trail:
Max. altitude:
43.0 km (75%)
6.3 km (11%)
7.8 km (14%)
2123 m
Giugno - Ottobre

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