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Leontica - Cancorì - Corzoneso
Leontica - Cancorì - Corzoneso

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You can discover the Nara region thanks to a track whose view over the entire Blenio valley is incomparable. Physically and technically challenging, this tour will entertain the most experienced mountaibikers, with passages of mixed difficulty that will fill you with emotions and a sense of adventure. From the Acquarossa-Comprovasco bus station, continue on the paved road to “monte Foppa” (an alp), passing through Corzoneso, Leontica and Cancorì: a route of almost 14 km along the track of the popular bicycle race "Blenio Gold Race". To overcome this important difference in height more easily, you can also use the chairlift from Leontica to Cancorì. We suggest that you check in advance when the chairlift is open. From the wide Nara basin, the view that opens onto the entire Blenio Valley and the Adula glacier is unparalleled. This area is very sunny and protected from the wind. You will find many characteristic “rustici” (stone/wood cottages) harmoniously located throughout the landscape. Continue along a less steep and unpaved stretch to Alpe del Gualdo and then take the easy single trail to Alpe di Garina. The following kilometers, for an altitude difference of 1100 m downhill towards Comprovasco, represent a mixed single trail with various technical passages alternating with sections with more "flow". In the lower part of the tour, you need to cross the road open to traffic (even if with little traffic), so be careful. The last part, from Corzoneso to Acquarossa, features some difficult marked passages, where the biker is invited to get off the bike and continue for short stretches on foot.  
Tessin (Blenio Valley)
Departure and arrival
Acquarossa Info Point (537 m)
Difference in height:
Acquarossa Info Point (537 m)
25 km
1350 m
4 h
Gps track
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Road type
Dirt/gravel road:
Single trail:
Max. altitude:
16 km
9 km
6 km
1772 m
Giugno - Ottobre

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