Navone 06




Turn-by-turn directions



  • Tessin (Blenio Valley)
    25 km
  • Ludiano (470 m)
    990 m
  • 1348 m
    3 h
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    Asphalt: 16 km (65%)
    Dirt/gravel road: 2 km (8%)
    Single trail: 6.4 km (27%)

Tour description

Superb ring in the middle valley of Blenio with departure and arrival in Ludiano. The route winds along the alps of Semione, Ludiano and Corzoneso. You first descend along the cantonal road to Semione, where the easy climb begins on the paved forest road to just beyond the Gardosa Alp at an altitude of 1322 m. Continue on a single trail up to Brüsacü, on the Corzoneso mountains. This stretch is of medium difficulty and is almost entirely cycleable. From Brüsacü the descent begins, along a demanding single trail that leads to the valley floor passing through Crich, Cumiasca, Corzoneso, down to Comprovasco. A convenient alternative is the descent along the paved road that from Brüsacü reaches the valley floor in the locality of Scaradra. The return to the place of departure takes place on secondary roads, passing through Dongio and Motto Blenio. The technically difficult stretches are the descent from Brüsacü to Campiroi, and the one from Corzoneso to Comprovasco. Monuments along the way: the Serravalle castle in Semione, the Navone baroque oratory, the Romanesque churches of San Remigio in Corzoneso and San Pietro in Motto-Ludiano.

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