Uomo e Sole XXL

Olivone-Acquacalda-Passo del Lucomagno-Passo dell'Uomo-Passo del Sole-Acquacalda-Olivone
Olivone-Acquacalda-Passo del Lucomagno-Passo dell'Uomo-Passo del Sole-Acquacalda-Olivone

tour description

The "Man and Sun" XXL format is a variant of the "Man and Sun" route, with start and finish in Olivone. A great route for an all day excursion. Just over 40 km… but with high content! The climb to Acquacalda (starting point of the “Man and Sun” route) is on a paved road, and mostly follows the old Lukmanier pass road. Once you get to the "Centro Pro Natura del Lucomagno" in Acquacalda, ride up the path along the Brenno river towards the Lukmanier Pass. Once reached the pass, proceed on a comfortable dirt road that runs alongside the artificial lake of Santa Maria. After a couple of kilometers the strenuous climb to the Passo dell’Uomo begins, on a very bumpy mule track; after a few hundred meters you are forced to get off the bike and push it for 15-20 minutes, almost until the pass. From there, continue on a dirt road to the junction for the Passo del Sole, which can be reached uphill on a demanding single trail: for the most trained and endowed with good technique, the climb is 100% cycleable. The view at the Passo del Sole is extraordinary: a short break and you are ready for the long descent on a single trail to Olivone (1500 m in altitude). A real high and a lot of adrenaline for those who dare! The first part of the descent is on an alpine path to the “monte Lareccio” (alp), then immersed in a suggestive larch forest, you continue to Pian Segno, where you take the old Roman road that leads to Campra. You always continue on paths to the Camperio Hospice, where you take a very technical path (Sanzill) that leads you straight to Olivone, passing through Sommascona. This route is also described on mtb-forum; the author, in his description, describes the entire descent as perhaps the most beautiful in the Canton Tessin. Those who wish to shorten the uphill stretch and start the route in Acquacalda or at the Lukmanier pass, can refer to the Autolinee Bleniesi (Blenio bus lines), which guarantee their service along the entire route.
Tessin (Blenio Valley)
Departure and arrival
Olivone (891 m)
Difference in height:
41.6 km
1781 m
5.5-7 h
Road type
Dirt/gravel road:
Single trail:
Max. altitude:
16.1 km (38%)
15.8 km (39%)
9.7 km (23%)
2376 m
Luglio - Ottobre

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