Cancorì Bike 383

Ponto Valentino - Cancorì - Corzoneso
Ponto Valentino - Cancorì - Corzoneso

tour description

Discover the Nara natural amphitheater, best known in the winter season, but beautiful and enjoyable all year round. A technical, adventurous track, surrounded by nature, with a splendid view on the Adula massif, able to thrill even the most experienced mountain biker. From the Acquarossa-Comprovasco bus station, you cross the inhabited area on the right bank of the Blenio Valley, on a completely paved road. The route, up to the crossroads above Largario, follows the first stage of cycle path no. 36 «Blenio-Lucomagno», and then it takes the third stage of the MTB route no. 65 of the «Gottardo Bike» until Foppa. To overcome this important difference in altitude more easily, there is also the possibility of using the chairlift from Leontica to Cancorì. We suggest that you check in advance when the chairlift is open. From the wide Nara basin, the view that opens onto the entire Blenio Valley and the Adula glacier is unparalleled. This area is very sunny and protected from the wind. You will find many characteristic “rustici” (stone/wood cottages) harmoniously located throughout the landscape. In Cancorì, which is the connecting point for other MTB routes, you can find a restaurant and the departure of the second chairlift that leads to Pian Nara. Here is where the descent begins: the single trail is surrounded by vegetation and leads the biker to the picturesque village of Leontica where the Romanesque church of S. Carlo di Negrentino is located. Here you can either choose to go back to the chairlift or keep going downhill. In the last part of the descent there are several technical passages, and in some short, more exposed sections, the biker is prompted by special signs to get off the saddle and go through them on foot. During the entire descent, in several points, you need to cross the road open to traffic (even if with little traffic), so be careful.
Tessin (Blenio Valley)
Departure and arrival
Acquarossa Info Point
Difference in height:
Acquarossa Info Point (537 m)
22 km
1100 m
4 h
Gps track
Gpx file
Road type
Dirt/gravel road:
Single trail:
Max. altitude:
18 km
4 km
4 km
1561 m
Giugno - Ottobre

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