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Gana Negra 04




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Acquacalda-Passo del Lucomagno-Passo di Gana Negra-Alpe di Bovarina-Dötra-Acquacalda


  • Ticino (Valle di Blenio)
    25 km
  • Acquacalda (1576 m)
    1280 m
  • 2434 m
    5 h
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    Asphalt: 5.1 km (20%)
    Dirt/gravel road: 6.9 km (28%)
    Single trail: 12.8 km (52%)

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Tour description

This route is extraordinarily beautiful but very demanding. From the Acquacalda hospice, follow the asphalted road to the Lucomagno pass. From here, the trail leads to the Gana Negra pass. 500 m of positive altitude difference, which is difficult to tackle either by muscle bike or e-bike, except for the first section over the pastureland. It is about 60 minutes of pushing. The effort is amply repaid by the descent on a single trail to the Bovarina Alp. It is advisable not to follow the trail to the letter but to descend freely among the numerous erratic boulders. When you reach the alp, descend on a dirt road to the Predasca Alp, where you take a demanding trail to the Cantonill pass. Descend to Anveuda and continue on beautiful trails and through enchanting landscapes to Acquacalda                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .